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You guys are now and will always be heroes to our family. And not just for the spectacular result, but for making a difficult process bearable! With heartfelt gratitude."

C.S. & M.S.

Regardless of the outcome, thank you very much for your help throughout this delightful process. Not just the applications, but dealing with the stress and helping me better understand myself. Thank you."


We thank you for all that you have done. We are proud of him. He needed you. It is difficult for him to believe his parents may know something he doesn't, so having you to guide and counsel him gave my husband and I peace of mind."


We LOVE your staff and services!!! No matter the final word from schools, we cannot thank you enough for ALL that you have done. According to the teenagers that live in this house, parents know nothing. Therefore, it has been especially helpful to have an adult that does know something help with this process. A million thank yous to you!!!"


Thank you so much for everything. The more I grow, the more I realize I wouldn't have gotten here without your kind advice and support. You have influenced me greatly as I try to navigate through the most crucial time in my life, and I just can't thank you enough. I sincerely feel like you are my mentor, and thus letting you know how I have grown as I navigate through Harvard makes me feel very happy."


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I wanted to tell you how helpful your advice for how "not" to tour a school was. We changed everything we had been doing and started following your advice. We noticed so many things schools would have preferred us not to notice and many blatant marketing strategies. Thank you for your help!"


We so appreciate all of your guidance through this crazy process. Our son really enjoyed working with you, and going into this week it's comforting to know that no matter what happens he was able to put his best self forward and leave everything on the field."


Reflecting on the whole pursuit, I can say that without your professional and personal help this would not have been a reality. The process itself was invaluable. Going through your consultation is a very important phase of education that no one should pass."


Thank you for all you’ve done for my son. I know that you guys put in a lot of extra effort. We’re grateful for all your help and assistance throughout the process."


Thank you for all of your help in the essay writing and college selection process. I really appreciate your support and guidance throughout the summer and fall semester. Your expertise in identifying schools that fit my goals was invaluable."


Thank you for the help and support and especially for handling my bouts of panic and anxiety. As you know, I couldn't have done any of this without you and your team, and I'm grateful for the comfort that it brings me, knowing that we did our best."


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