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Making School Affordable

Attending a university in the United States can be expensive – but it doesn’t have to be.

A university education is funded through multiple sources: the student’s family, financial and merit aid from the university, scholarships and grants from corporations and foundations, and loans. Of these, the most misunderstood is university aid.

Financial aid is awarded based on a family’s ability to pay for college. Universities consider the family’s income and assets to determine the expected family contribution based on a formula.

Merit aid, often incorrectly called a “scholarship” (they are actually discounts), is awarded based upon the strengths of the student as a contributor to the university’s overall profile. The more attractive the student is to the university – including the university’s belief that the student will accept an offer of admission – the more likely the university will use merit aid to entice the student to enroll. Many U.S. universities offer merit aid to desirable international students.

Unfortunately, you won’t know the final cost of a university until you receive the admissions offers, but UCA can help you identify schools that are more likely to offer monetary incentives to you.

Note that scholarships from corporations and foundations are available every year, not just at the beginning of college. The number of scholarships you can find is dizzying. There is a LOT of money available for students who put in the effort. UCA provides guidance to help you pursue scholarships efficiently.

A great resource that links you to the Net Price Calculators of schools can be found HERE

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