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Standardized Tests and the Pandemic

The April ACT and May SAT tests have been canceled in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Other test dates may soon follow. What should juniors do in the wake of these disruptions?

1) Keep Calm. Universities are as aware of what is going on as everybody else. Admissions offices will be forced to adjust some of their expectations in response. We are living through a rapidly-evolving situation, so we do not know exactly what form that response will take, but rest assured that nobody is going to have to explain on an application why their spring 2020 resume looks different from the "typical" student's spring resume in 2019 or 2018.

2) Plan as if Testing Will Proceed Normally Soon. The flip side of point #1 is that universities and testing agencies will adapt. You will not be able to take subject tests in May, but you may still be able to take them in June or August. Test dates may be added, and virtual accommodations may be found. Keep up your preparation. Universities will also be aware that you had fewer demands on your time this spring than past classes did. Tutors are working virtually. Get yourself registered for your test dates and work to do your best.

These times more than most require a balance of focus and flexibility. UCA is keeping close tabs on changes as they evolve, but the best advice our Client Managers have is the same advice we always have, which is to get your testing done as promptly as circumstances allow at a time when you give yourself the best possible chance for success.

Let's do this!

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