University Consultants of America Announces Coronavirus Initiative for Students Considering Applying


March 3, 2020 – University Consultants of America, a leader in counseling students and families through the college admissions process across six continents, announced today that it will be launching the “Coronavirus Initiative” to assist students and families whose educational path has been affected by the recent health crisis. Over the next three months, the company will provide a series of free webinars and newsletters addressing a variety of issues related to how students can keep on track for their college futures even amidst tremendous stress.

“The coronavirus crisis has disturbed us all,” said Robert LeVine, CEO of UCA. “It is time to be a global family, working to turn a scary moment into the best possible future. These 16 webinars address problems facing students and families who are about to apply to colleges and universities: how to study and stay active while schools are closed; handling the stress of an unknown future; SAT strategies; strategies for applications and essays to the most selective colleges in the US and UK; and other advice that should help everyone get through the next few months.”

The first webinar, titled “How to Succeed in Online Learning: Handling the Stress of an Unknown Future” is scheduled for Wednesday, March 4. People wishing to be kept up-to-date on webinar schedules and newsletters may sign up for alerts at

Future webinar topics under the initiative will include information on summer programs, advice on working with school counselors, and myths about the major essays required on university applications. In addition, UCA has partnered with test preparation professionals to provide assistance with the SAT, including a free diagnostic test.

UCA has also scheduled an online press conference for March 10th at 2pm EST with Mr. LeVine at Private interviews may also be scheduled.

For further information, please contact Bill Watson-Canning at

About University Consultants of America:

University Consultants of America provides programs to assist students around the world seeking admission to post-secondary education. UCA’s team-based approach allows it to serve hundreds of students each year, utilizing the expertise of Client Managers and professional Editors with degrees from Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and other fine educational institutions. Last year, UCA students were offered admission at more than 170 universities, including 19 of the top 20 schools in the most recent US News rankings.

For more information:

William Watson-Canning


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