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The UCA Difference

University Consultants of America is the only consulting firm with a complete, holistic program that has been proven effective.


The Comprehensive Admissions Matrix (CAM) Protocol™ has three main phases that address not only essay writing and interview preparation, but also personal profiling and pitch development. Every one-on-one session, and every task and training UCA provides, has a discrete purpose, value and goal.


All of our work is guided by the evaluation methods and scoring sheets used by admissions representatives at highly-selective universities. With decades of experience, UCA knows what admissions officers are looking for and how they grade applicants. We translate each student’s strengths into the language of admissions.


University Consultants of America provides different programs to meet your admissions needs. Each Program is designed and priced based upon our experience with the university goals of hundreds of students. All Programs include UCA’s unique Guided Self-Analysis module, designed to help students better understand their academic and life needs so that they can maximize the value of their university opportunities. 


Please inquire with your specific questions about the value that UCA can provide to you.

University Consultants of America's

Five Expectations

Expectation 1: UCA Will Work With, Not Replace, High School Counselors

A student who does not interact with the high school counselor, or with teachers, should not expect the high school to be an effective advocate when a university calls the high school for recommendations.

UCA works with high school counselors (if they wish) and will interact with them to create a team approach to guiding students towards admission to the best universities.

Expectation 2: UCA Will Not Do an Applicant's Work

Although expert editors can help make student essays better, the work must always remain that of the applicant. UCA mentors at every step, yet the essay must remain personally written by the applicant. Admissions committees will reject any applicant whose work is not his or her own.

Expectation 3: UCA Will Challenge You

Proper admissions assistance involves teaching and interaction. UCA challenges clients to think and speak maturely. With knowledge comes confidence and inspiration. During the Guided Self-Analysis phase, our sessions last about one hour. For essays and applications, we recommend that students spend no more than 30 minutes per effort; there’s a lot to do, and we want good work, not burnout. Scheduling is flexible, and internet sessions save valuable time in busy student lives.

Expectation 4: UCA Will Give Honest Feedback

Our method is to serve as a coach, not as a cheerleader. Most students and parents are exhilarated by UCA’s approach. Constructive criticism is always supportive, but not sugar-coated.  We never guarantee that a student will be admitted to any particular universities, but we promise that the materials presented to admissions offices will be top-quality.


Expectation 5: We Must Work as a Team

An applicant’s chances of admission to a highly selective university are optimized only when students, parents, counselors, test preparers, and other professionals operate as a team.  UCA strives for open interaction that is in the best interest of the applicant. Therefore, UCA reserves the right NOT to continue working with students or families who are disinterested, disrespectful, recalcitrant, or combative. An applicant’s singular success results from cohesive joint efforts.