Myths About the Essay

“College Essay Season” has begun. The summer between junior and senior year of high school is the best time to write the main college essay – the 650-word (maximum) personal statement you can use for all colleges you apply to through the popular Common Application. Students who can complete the essay now will be in much better shape come fall. Before you dive in, however, make sure you don’t fall into any of the traps below. MYTH: The college essay is used as a writing sample. FALSE. Admissions offices already have information about your writing skills based on your course grades and tests. They also know that most college essays have been reviewed by parents, guidance counselors, English te

Getting the Most from Your Team

Most parents feel ill-prepared to guide their students through the ever-changing college admissions process. The process is much more competitive and complicated than it was when parents were applying. Even when parents have excellent, open communication with their teenager – which we all know to be the exception, not the rule – it is virtually impossible for those who are not in the business of college admissions to understand all they need to know. If your student is lucky enough to attend a high school with a counselor devoted to assisting students with the college admissions process, parents and students should recognize that these counselors are extremely busy. Very few schools have the

Selective College Consulting

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