10 Things that Juniors (and Parents) Need to Know About College Admissions

The college admissions process is intimidating, complex, and anxiety-producing. The following 10 points can help guide families with students approaching college. The college application season starts when the senior year of high school starts. Applications are filed electronically and usually include one or more essays. In addition, students should have their transcripts sent to the colleges by their high schools and their test scores sent by the testing services. Colleges accept both the SAT and the ACT. They do not require both, nor do they care which test is taken. Highly-selective colleges often require additional testing (SAT Subject Tests), teacher recommendations, and interviews. Bec

How Colleges Evaluate the Activities List

Unlike public universities, which base their admissions decisions primarily on objective criteria, private universities typically base their decisions on a more holistic review. The three basic attributes graded by private universities in the holistic review are academics, activities, and human qualities. As college admissions advisors, we are often asked about how to create the strongest resume. This is best considered early in high school, not later when a student contemplates the college admissions process in junior or senior year. Within the activities attribute, colleges will consider everything a student does outside of the classroom. Activities can include formal extracurriculars, hob
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