Myths About Standardized Tests

As juniors get ready to take the SAT or ACT, and sophomores wonder what’s in store for next year, it’s worth taking a moment to dispel the most common rumors we hear about standardized tests. Don’t get caught doing what everybody else does – it could spell trouble for you! MYTH: You should take your tests more than once. No! Do you plan to take your driving test multiple times? Do you plan to get braces on your teeth two or three times? Take your testing seriously. Study, practice, and try to get a great score your first time out. Then, if you are unhappy with your score, take advantage of the opportunity to retake the exam again. Plan for multiple tests, but don’t ever treat an actual test

How to Pick YOUR College

In April, students and families wonder how to choose among several colleges that offered admission. The “where do I go” question can be agonizing (in a good way). Try simplifying your decision-making process with two inquiries. What is the structure of the curriculum? For the vast majority of students – and this likely means YOU – a great university will have more academic resources than you can exhaust and more academic rigor than you can imagine. The best question to ask is whether the structure of the curriculum fits you well. Is it deep enough, flexible enough, or structured enough? If you know with certainty what you wish to study, then starting your path immediately allows you to study
Selective College Consulting

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