College Applications: The Two Most Important Factors

Within the mania over test scores, grades and extracurricular activities, college applicants forget an important point: there are LOTS of students with similar resumes. Grade and test-score inflation has watered-down the objective indicators of performance. Even the most selective colleges boast that they could fill their classes two or three times with amazing students. How can you stand out from the crowd? The two most important aspects of the college application aren’t really pieces of the application at all. Students must explain their strengths and personas clearly, and they must exhibit strong reasons for applying to the college. The biggest differentiator between those who win and tho

The Problem with American Two-Year Colleges

Korean students and families are enticed by the lure of studying in America. At international college fairs and at presentations by American universities, you will find many, many schools preaching the tremendous value of an American education. However, not all colleges yield good results for their students. We are often asked a common question by international students: “Should I start at a two-year college, then finish my education at a four-year school?” The two-year schools try so hard to find Korean students that it may seem like this is the preferred American path to a quality education. It is not. In truth, students who enroll at two-year colleges seldom obtain four-year degrees in a
Selective College Consulting

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