From IB to State U: the Challenge of Change

In my opinion, no high school curriculum is more challenging than the International Baccalaureate Program. IB prepares students very well for the rigors of the college classroom. However, IB does not prepare students at all for the overall college environment. In our experience, IB students struggle more than any others with the culture shock of adjusting to college. The college environment is as different from IB as night is different from day. IB is quite structured and keeps students extremely busy. IB students spend a lot of time doing their homework, CAS, and other schools activities. Furthermore, the IB group mindset provides natural support for individuals in crisis. Then, in college,

What to Do If You’ve Been Wait-Listed

Being placed on the waiting list for a top-choice school can be agonizing. After spending months anticipating a decision, your status remains unresolved. Each school uses its wait list differently. Some admit freely from the list, while others treat it as a “break glass only in emergency” last resort. There are a few things you can do to increase your chances of gaining admittance if your wait-list school is truly your top choice. Be honorable here; you should only be taking these steps if you truly will turn down all other schools in exchange for your wait-listed school. 1. Be sure to complete and return any forms the school provides confirming your wish to remain on the wait list. As the l

Selective College Consulting

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