Gap Years: Great Education Before College

Although it seems delaying the start of college will slow down a student’s progress, the “high-risk” strategy of taking a gap year can advance students lightyears ahead of their cohort. Career and life success isn’t about how soon you begin. Rather success grows from how well you begin. Gap students – and their families – often harbor fears and doubts about a year away from conventional academics. Jordan recalls his trepidation: “For the first time in my life, I was completely removed from the lock-step academic system I now refer to as the ‘moving sidewalk.’ The unstructured nature of a self-constructed gap year was unsettling. I felt a combination of being pressed for time to make somethin

Successful Education in American Universities

America wants more and more Brazilian students to study in the United States. Although Asia and other countries have understood the value of an American education for decades, Brazilians are now beginning to recognize that American colleges provide the highest quality education plus job opportunities and business networks that are not available in Brazil. However, Brazilians must be careful to pick the right college. Although studying in America can be a good idea, it is important to finish your education. Many, many international students fail to complete their education in U.S. colleges. Unfortunately, many American universities seem to be more interested in making money than in helping st

SURVIVAL: Parents Recount What It’s Like When Their Kids Apply to College

The process of applying to college can be even more stressful for parents of high school seniors than it is for the students filling out the applications. Even parents who have already sent an older child to school can find the process overwhelming. It often feels like teaching your child how to drive a car: helpless and fraught with danger. When we asked parents of students who have just finished their college applications what they would like to share with those of you about to begin the odyssey, a few key themes repeated: it’s overwhelming; it’s hard to know your role; and support systems that you rely upon don’t really help. “The college application process, while daunting for the high s
Selective College Consulting

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