For College Success, Forget the Rankings and Reputations

Finding the right college “fit” is mystifying for parents and students. With almost 3,000 colleges in America, even college consultants struggle to know the best options for each student. First-generation families tend to rely upon the reputation of a college as being all-important, and countless media outlets publish “best college” rankings based upon endless criteria. To make matters worse, each high school has a culture that suggests the same “good” colleges every year, and the colleges themselves spend incredible amounts of time and money trying to convince students to apply. The college selection process is mind-boggling to the uninformed. There is a better way. Finding the right colleg

10 Things that Juniors (and Parents) Need to Know About College Admissions

The college admissions process is intimidating, complex, and full of anxiety. Few parents understand the process well, and most students hear misinformation and myths around their high schools. The following 10 points are intended to give valuable guidance to families with students approaching college. The college application season starts when the senior year of high school starts. Applications are filed electronically and usually include one or more essays. In addition, students should have their transcripts sent to the colleges by their high schools and their test scores sent by the testing services. Public universities usually have their own online applications; private colleges usually

Selective College Consulting

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