Best Parenting for Best Colleges

As an educational consultant who helps students and families with their college pursuits, I am often asked, “When is the best time to sign up for your services?” The easy response is “sometime during the Junior year of high school.” Yet perhaps the question is too simple. The more valuable question is “When can you help me prepare my child for college?” Here are some tips to help parents prepare children for the best-possible education. Begin with the understanding that the finest universities in America prefer applicants who are both deep in their achievements and well-rounded. They evaluate not only academic prowess and potential, but also contribution and performance in non-academic activ

Teamwork in the Admissions Process

We sometimes hear that “it takes a village” to raise a child. That proverb is especially true in the pursuit of college admissions. Parents are not usually well-equipped to guide their students through the ever-changing morass of the admissions process. Colleges change their application requirements every year. Application forms also change annually, just as the Common Application changed this year. Standardized tests can change: in 2016, the SAT will have a new format. Even when parents have excellent, open communication with their teenager – which we all know to be the exception, not the rule – it is virtually impossible for those who are not in the business of admissions to understand all
Selective College Consulting

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