Why Aren’t More Asians Accepted by Top Colleges?

For years, I’ve been hearing about apparent prejudice in the admissions process by the Ivy League and other highly-selective colleges. Recently, we have seen an increase in these stories of unfairness towards Asians, including lawsuits and complaints to the U.S. government. Having served with Harvard admissions for three decades, I’ve seen how private colleges evaluate applicants. Here is what most people don’t understand: high test scores and grades are not the sole determinant for admission to American private universities. To appreciate why high-scoring students do not prevail in the American system, you must first understand the American mentality. Americans see themselves as world leade

The University Application Timeline

As summer ends, parents and students worry more and more about college and graduate school applications. The application season has begun! The first things to identify are the filing deadlines. Although many schools offer rolling admissions, which allow students to apply almost anytime between now and late Spring, most universities institute deadlines for their applicants. Some colleges have earlier deadlines: the final filing date for Early Action or Early Decision is usually November 1. The California public universities have an application window of November 1 through November 30. Private colleges often have a Regular Action deadline of January 1. Note, however, that colleges often create

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