How to Read a College Website

For all students seeking to enter college or graduate school, admissions websites are required reading. However, one must learn to read between and behind the lines to understand what a college is really like. The first thing to realize is that colleges and universities write websites with a definite purpose: to attract candidates to apply. Remember that selective colleges – even public universities that you might consider to be “backup schools” – don’t offer admission to every candidate. They all have more applicants than they need to fill their classes. Why do they want more applicants? Increasing the number of applicants means increasing selectivity. When more and more students apply for

Myths About “The Essay”

The summer before the senior year of high school is the best time to write college admissions essays. There are a lot of myths, urban legends, and misinformation about these essays. Effective college applications start with understanding the true purpose and method behind writing the things that are evaluated by admissions offices. MYTH: COLLEGE ESSAYS SHOULD SHOW A DIFFERENT SIDE. Many people believe that the way to success is to include as much material as possible in an application. This is incorrect. Humans can’t remember dozens of ideas at once. At best, we can grasp perhaps three concepts at a time. What’s in a resume, transcript, or list of activities is easy to evaluate, so focus on

Selective College Consulting

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