Successful College Selection for Juniors

Success next year in college admissions, and success for life, starts with understanding college “fit.” An environment that is right for one student may not be right for another, and the differences between colleges are dramatic. For example, although most students and families would be thrilled to attend MIT or Cornell, both colleges have reputations for high suicide rates. Tragedies, and success, begin when students select colleges. Identifying college fit requires recognition of the four ways in which a university educates: academics, activities, location, and student body. When considering academics, most people look at a school’s reputation and its rankings. There are dozens of rankings

Success in Admissions to Selective Colleges

We are in the postscript of this year’s admissions season. Just a few days ago, America’s most selective colleges told their applicants who would be offered admission, and who would not. Some students are basking in the afterglow of success, and others have had their spirits crushed. We should redefine success in college admissions, or at least better understand how to obtain success. The results on Decision Day are not simply a reflection of hard work in school and hard work on applications. Success derives from an intelligent selection of potential colleges. Students and high school counselors typically speak of “reach” and “back-up” schools. The first term applies to dream colleges with w

Selective College Consulting

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