Early vs. Regular Admission

Whether one should apply to a selective college during the “Early” application phase is more complicated than it seems. Colleges urge students to apply Early, but is really advantageous? Statistics that compare acceptance rates are misleading. While Early applicants are offered admission at higher rates, the Early and Regular applicant pools are different. The majority of Early applicants are serious about the colleges to which they apply, and a high number of them are extremely well-qualified. Although the Regular applicant pool also includes great candidates, it also includes people who apply to a school on a whim, under pressure from peers or parents, or even just to receive a rejection l

Hidden Risks Of Public Universities

Floridians are enticed by the siren call of our major universities. High schools students are lured by the school spirit and athletic prowess of the University of Florida and of Florida State University. Parents are tempted by lower costs, Bright Futures, and the Florida Prepaid College Savings Plan. Yet there are dirty little secrets about public universities: low graduation rates and hidden costs. The Florida Department of Education tracks four-year graduation rates for Florida high schools. On average, our high schools students are graduating on time at a rate of 75 percent. What about our colleges? According to the College Board – the people who administer the SAT – students attending t
Selective College Consulting

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