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“Thank you for all you did to prepare her for the interview. It was direct  and intense. Had she not prepared, it would have overwhelmed her.”  – C.T.

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Effective Interviewing

There are two phases of review for selective university admissions committees: the initial consideration of the application package, and the review of information that is received thereafter. The interview is one of the most important pieces of supplemental information collected before a final admissions decision is made.

Teenagers are generally unfamiliar with interviews, and even the most sophisticated high school students are far less experienced than the university representatives who judge them. Every year, superior candidates lose great opportunities because of unsatisfactory interviews, while other applicants benefit from outstanding interviews.

University Consultants of America knows about admissions interviews. Our professionals have many decades of experience interviewing for Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT, and other premier universities.

Interviews can be terrifying for unprepared students, and bad interviews are heartbreaking. However, good interviews can be inspiring. Our students actually enjoy their admissions interviews!

UCA shows its clients how to present themselves effectively. Our interview preparation has four components: an in-depth Tutorial on the concepts and specifics of the admissions interview; a one-on-one Q&A session in which student performance is polished; a Mock Interview in which students go through a realistic interview with a professional they have never met; and an Interview Report and Debrief so that students can actually see how their interviews are translated into writing. Our coaching and practice interviews supply the knowledge, skills and practice that students need to succeed. We even show you how to help the interviewer write a more compelling interview report on your behalf.

UCA offers the highest-quality interview preparation, and our Interview Prep Module allows you flexibility in your university pursuits.

Interview Preparation
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